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About Opening Bell

It all started with a dream.

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Thelma & Louise

Untamable rebel-'rouser


Training + Sales

Jordan Lubow

Jordan Lubow has made a name for herself in the equestrian world with her ability to see raw talent while carefully developing horses for a successful performance career.

Jordan's equestrian life began at a young age. Growing up on a farm, she developed a profound connection with horses and quickly realized her natural affinity for working with them. Jordan has honed her skills, studying equine behavior and learning the importance of correct riding and management.


Jordan's training style is both thoughtful and laid back, creating a fun atmosphere while also helping riders achieve their goals. Horse shopping? Jordan has a strong network both states-side and overseas to help find riders their perfect equine match.

Training + Sales

Abby Strohmeyer

Abby Strohmeyer, a native of South Carolina, began her equestrian journey at the age of four when she first climbed onto the back of a horse. This early introduction to the world of equestrianism ignited a passion that she has stuck with ever since.

After honing her skills throughout her childhood and teenage years, Abby pursued her passion for horses collegiately at Sweet Briar College, where she rode competitively.
Upon graduating, Abby moved to Buffalo, New York, where she secured a position working for renowned hunter rider Jennifer Alfano and trainer Susan Schoellkolph. For six years, Abby served as Alfano's assistant trainer, gaining invaluable experience and expanding her knowledge of the sport. Her time working alongside Alfano allowed her to witness firsthand the meticulous training techniques and attention to detail required to excel at the top level of this sport.

Armed with a strong background and a passion for developing young horses, Abby made the decision to venture out on her own. She relocated to Ocala full time to establish her own training operation.
Abby's approach to horse training is characterized by her patience, understanding, and dedication to each individual horses needs. This allows her to build strong foundations for the young horses she works with, setting them up for success in their competitive careers.

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